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Is Stream India APK Legal in India? Detailed answer in 2024

Whenever a third-party streaming application is mentioned, a question arises in the mind whether it is legal or not. And such third-party applications are abundant in India. This is why people here wonder if they are using legal apps.

One such application is Stream India which provides you with all kinds of entertainment for free like sports, the latest TV shows, and movies. There is no exception to this and people are searching the internet for the Stream India APK Legal or not in India.

So friends, without any time left, let’s get to the real issue.

Is Stream India APK Legal in India?

If I want to answer in one sentence whether Steam India APK is legal or not, I would say yes, it is not legal. The reason for this is that all the content that this platform provides is copyrighted material and you must know that any material used without license is called illegal.

All the content you will get in this app is easily available on other platforms as well from there they are provided on their platforms by using API. If you calculate it in one way, it can be seen that it is not exactly illegal. But the point is that this type of content has no license.

So, all the content like live match streaming, movies, and TV Shows are taken from Hotstar, and Jio Cinema instead, no payback is given to them.

And since they don’t get any payback, they send DMCA notices to those platforms for such illegal content.


So you understand after reading the whole article that this platform is not legal at all. But yes, if you use this app you will not have any problem because you are the consumer. We who are providing the platform may have problems. So don’t worry! you can use this app if you want.

So friends, that’s all for today and if you have any more questions about this then please let me know in the comment box below.

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