Why Stream India is famous

Why Stream India is famous all over the world?

Are you also a cricket lover and love to watch cricket matches for free? In the market, you will find many paid subscription platforms where you can easily watch matches but the problem is that their prices are very high.

In this case, most people use the platform called Stream India to watch the matches for free which is common in almost all the countries of the world. For example, anyone can watch all the cricket matches for free using this app even if he/she is from America or another country.

But the question arises in the mind of many people where there are other more free platforms, why Stream India is famous compared to them? Friends, I am writing this article today to answer this question. So don’t waste your time and read why this app is more popular compared to others.

What is Stream India APK?

Stream India is a third-party application where you can easily enjoy watching various cricket matches, football matches, and more entertainment options. This app was created by a person living in Chhattisgarh named Manjit and he made it for public purpose so that everyone can watch the matches for free without any paid subscription.

But it is very important to remember that all the content you will find in this app is copyrighted. These contents are not legal, but you will not have any problem with it, those who are providing this app, that is, we and the one who made it, may have problems.

That’s why we are sometimes forced to remove this app from our platform and if you don’t get it then contact us through email and we will surely help you.

Why Stream India is famous all over the world?

So first we know about Stream India, now let’s go to answer the main question. 👇

My friends, in the market, you may find many apps that are completely free and some apps that provide many features but the subscription plan they provide is not affordable for normal persons.

This is where this app comes into play as there is no need to use a separate platform if your main objective is to watch a variety of sports for free. I guarantee you will get all types of cricket channels, football channels, tennis, kabaddi, and, many more in this app for free which you will not get on any other free platform.

It is for all these reasons that people have chosen this platform as their entertainment option in their daily lives. And it’s not that you can use it only in India or in sub-continent countries as well. You can use it from all the countries outside like say Arab, America, Australia, France, etc.


So guys you must have read the whole article and reached the very end so I just want to say here that try this first before using any other app. I convince you that if you use it, you won’t even look at any other platforms.

I have tried to help you as much as I can, but if you have any questions, please comment below.

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